Behaviours Of A Muslim

June 14, 2012 § 3 Comments

Despite many claims from the non-Muslims, Islam do not condone acts of cruelty and unfairness. Islam urges all of us to be kind, gentle and full of compassion in our daily lives, in our speeches and actions. In any manner, a Muslim is always expected to have a soft and peace-loving heart while always wishing good to all humanity. To do otherwise, is a contradiction to what Islam is all about.

Arabic script. Eghra, Read. The first Quoranic...

Arabic script. ‘Iqra, Read. The first Qur’anic word, in order of arrival. (Letter Qaf eight times, letter ‘Alif sixteen times.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“If you are not able to assist them, at least speak to them in a kind manner.” – [Qur’an 17:28]

“And speak to him with gentle speech that perhaps he may be reminded or fear [Allah]” – [Qur’an 20:44]

The Prophet SAW, the Companions, ‘ulama (scholars) have never been known to speak ill of anyone, let alone wishing harm befalls someone, even the enemies of Islam. They had always practiced the strength of making du’a, for Allah SWT to offer His Mercy, Grace and Blessings.

The Prophet SAW, on his return from At-Ta’if, where he was thrown with stones and extremely exhausted by the long tiring journey. Allah SWT had sent him Gabriel, accompanying the Angel of mountains who greeted him and said, “O Muhammad, Allah Almighty has heard what your people has said to you and sent me to order me to do whatever you want, if you want me to turn the two mountains (surrounding Mecca) upside down on them, I will do it.”

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: “No, I hope that Allah SWT will bring from their descendants people who will worship Allah alone without associating partners with Him.

[Sahih Bukhari, Book 54, Number 454]

Such was a fine example being shown to us on how to deal with adversities and harm caused by the enemies. The compassion and kindness of Islam needs to be shown. It is no longer sufficient for us to say that “Islam Is Great”. Rather, it has to be shown by our actions (and reactions) when dealing with people. And at the same time, make du’a for Allah SWT to guide them to the right path, the path of Islam.

An Islamic scholar once said “A Muslim cannot rejoice at the suffering of others. He should be reminded of one of the eminent Companions of the Prophet who cried to see those who were defeated by Muslims; when asked why is he crying, he said, “This fate has befallen them because of their disobedience; it could befall us too, if we do the same!”

Be Nice, Gentle and full of Compassion. Show that Islam Is Great.


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§ 3 Responses to Behaviours Of A Muslim

  • Stuartart says:

    So good to hear the voice of reason from someone of your faith. We hear so much negative stuff in the news and on people’s lips. Sadly, it’s the bad acts that catch the news and the conversation. I know so many Muslims with your attitude and I’m proud to call them friends. Keep it up.

  • Bob Othman says:

    Thanks for the lovely comment Stuartart. Glad to know that people of the other faiths appreciate it.

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