A Stairway To Heaven… Offer Forgiveness

June 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

Creating a habit of offering forgiveness before going to sleep to anyone who has done us wrong is just the ticket for us to enter Jannah (Heaven). Admittedly, it could also free us from all those anger and hatred bottled up inside so that we could wake up to a brand new, lovely morning.

The Messenger of Allah SAW was sitting with a group of the Sahabah (ra) in the mosque and he said “A man will now enter [who is] from the people of Paradise.” and a sahabi (companion) walked in. Later it happened again, and then a third time. ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Amr ibn al-‘aas (ra) wanted to find out what was so special about this man, so he asked the man if he could stay over his house for 3 days. The man allowed him to stay. ‘Abdullah noticed that the man didn’t do anything out of the ordinary: He didn’t fast all the time, he slept some of the night and prayed some of the night, and so on. So after the 3 days, ‘Abdullah told him the real reason why he requested to stay with him, and he asked him what it was that could be the reason why he was from the people of Jannah.

The man (ra) couldn’t think of anything, but after a bit he said “Every night, before I go to sleep, I forgive whoever has wronged me. I remove any bad feelings towards anyone from my heart.”

(Kitab al-Zuhd by Ibn al-Mubarak – Number 694)

Now, this is something that all of us could do, should do, or rather MUST do. It helps us in getting a sound and peaceful sleep while at the same time, getting us a ticket to Jannah. Sounds like a good deal, yes?


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