Raising A Child

July 20, 2012 § 1 Comment

Every parent, when raising children, wishes that they become successful. However, parents just want worldly success for their children, sometimes at all costs. Most parents would prefer that their children would grow up to become doctors, engineers, pilots, etc. Great investments are made to achieve those dreams but admittedly, little thought are made for the success of the children in the after-life. How many of us want our children to become the awliya’ (Muslim holy person) of Allah SWT?

The following is a story of parents who wanted their child to grow up to be a pious person:

They sent their child to a madrasah (Islamic religious school) from a young age. Every day the child would come home hungry and ask his mother for food. The mother would tell him to go make wudhu’ (ablution), go to the masjid (mosque) and ask Allah SWT for the food.

While he was doing that, she would prepare the food and leave it on the dining table. When he would finish making his wudhu’, he would find the food on the table and eat it. His mother told him that Allah SWT had given the food to him, just as He provides for all other creatures. It continued for a long time and as a result, the child’s love for Allah SWT increased and the greatness of Allah SWT was firmly established in his heart.

One day, his mother went to visit some family members, and forgot to make the food for him. On her way home, she was crying and worrying about what her child would think, when the food would not be on the table. When she arrived home she saw he was sleeping, so she quickly made the food and then woke him up.

She asked him if he was hungry but he said no. She asked why and he replied that he had done as he always did: made du’a to Allah for food, and when he was done he found a piece of bread in the house. That was the most delicious food he had ever eaten.


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