A New Leaf In Ramadhan

July 24, 2012 § 2 Comments

There is always a story for everyone, that moment frozen in time, where a sudden realization came about. A realization about something that needed to be done, then and there. We call it “turning a new leaf” or that “defining moment”. It is when the heart and mind connected to form a steely and most determined resolve that will forever change one’s life.

Such moments are full of happiness, sadness, fulfillment and joy, tragedy and the sweet smell of success. Without us realizing, these moments were aplenty though at most times, we failed to capture or even recognize it. Yet for every Muslim, this particular moment comes about every year during this holy  month of Ramadhan.

It is a month full of blessings, where each good intention can easily be achieved. For during this holy month, the doors to the sky (heavens) are opened up and when all prayers (du’a) are answered. Allah the Exalted said, “Has not the time come for the hearts of the believers to submit and humble themselves?” Clearly, it is in this month, Allah’s Mercy, Grace and Blessings are in abundance, readily available for those who wants it.

Put it in our hearts and minds, that this month, in this year, we want to be closer to Allah and His Mercy, Grace and Blessings. Regardless of how far we have strayed, how we have forgotten Him, now could be that defining moment. By us being able to live through this Ramadhan in itself is a sign of His Grace, to allow us to make that step towards being a better Muslim.

Yes, indeed we have committed way too many sins, lead of life of total neglect to His ways, too bad were all of us in desperation.  Yet His Mercy, Compassion and Grace to His servants are far greater. Ours is not a caravan of despair, or of giving up; ours is a caravan of loving mercy and continuously turning back to Him.

This is the month where we take that huge step of defining our own moments. And in total faith that Allah SWT will readily accept us, in full forgiveness. For which then, we will become better servants, better person, and most importantly, better Muslims.


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