A Productive Ramadhan

July 25, 2012 § 4 Comments

One of the most effective ways to get yourself into a productive mindset is to take your productivity day by day. Don’t worry about tomorrow and how productive you’ll be tomorrow, just think of today and what you can do today. It’s all about today.

Many Ramadhans ago, I had always wanted to finish reciting the Qur’an at least once during Ramadan (that’s the whole 30 Juzuk). I had it all sorted out (or so I believed). I had this plan of finishing 1 Juzuk per day and come 30 days later, I should have finished the whole Qur’an. But as most of us had experienced, procrastinations set in, maybe I’d do it later or even tomorrow. Some of the days I did manage to complete the 1 Juzuk goal but there would be days when I couldn’t. In the end, I never did manage to finish it.Shoulda, coulda, didn’ta!

Sweet talking to myself, maybe I’ll get it done in the next Ramadhan. And many Ramadhans came through, and I still could not get it done i.e. finish reciting the whole of the Qur’an during the month of Ramadhan.

A few Ramadhans ago, I took a very different approach, a “doing-my-best-for-the-day” approach. Instead of taking a monthly approach, I took a daily approach. Small baby steps, if you’d like. So each day, I sat down and finish as much recitations of the Qur’an as I could. As if, it was the last day of Ramadhan. And guess what? I did manage to finish it, and then some. Just last year, I actually did manage reciting the Qur’an twice! That surely felt good, a lot better than the many Ramadhans that I could not even complete it, Alhamdulillah!

Doing a daily approach eliminates a lot of the pressure to complete 1 Juzuk a day. In fact, it frees you up to do a lot more, without having any bearings on the monthly outcome. It definitely worked for me!

So, how about yourself? Perhaps you do have a better plan? You are indeed most welcome to share it with us here.



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