Strange in Ramadhan?

July 18, 2012 § 2 Comments

Not strange, if we do more zikir in Ramadhan

Not strange, if we read the Qur’an more in Ramadhan

Not strange, if we rarely miss the Fajr solah in Ramadhan

Not strange, if we are more patient (Sabr) in Ramadhan

Not strange, if we are more kind in Ramadhan

Not strange, if we frequent the masjids more in Ramadhan

More than in other months, strangely

For it is through the Grace and Blessings of Allah SWT, that is NOT STRANGE.


The Tongue

June 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Reminders from the Qur’an on the tongue, the most potent component of our physical body. Too many regrets have happened due to just a minor slip of the tongue. And some of them are irreparable as the damage has already been done. InsyaAllah, we shall all be guided.

Miracle of the Quran!

Miracle of the Quran! (Photo credit: Za3tOoOr!)

  • Speak the Truth – Al Qur’an 3:17
  • Speak Straight – Al Qur’an 33:70
  • Speak Justice – Al Qur’an 6:152
  • Speak Kindly – Al Qur’an 2:83
  • Speak Politely – Al Qur’an 17:53
  • Speak Fairly – Al Qur’an 17:28
  • Speak Gently – Al Qur’an 20:44
  • Speak Graciously – Al Qur’an 17:23
  • Speak Not in Vain – Al Qur’an 23:3
  • Speak No Lie – Al Qur’an 22:30

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