5 Steps To A Better Ramadhan

July 25, 2012 § 5 Comments


The holy month Ramadhan is here, and everyone is trying to maximize his good deeds to reap the benefits the month brings. The gates of heavens are all open to fulfill our du’as (supplications). Everyone has their own plan on how to go through the month in the best way possible and the key word is to have a “plan“.

1. Plan your daily activities around the Salah (prayers) times

Your lives should revolve around the Salah times, not the other way round. Map your routines so as to accommodate the Salah times and you shall reap the Barakah (Blessings) it brings. Additionally, ensure that you perform your Salah in the mosque. Essentially, you should be able to drop everything when the times for Salah is near.

2. Plan along your energy levels

Throughout each day of Ramadhan, everyone has their own unique energy ups and downs.  You feel fresh at certain times and so very tired at other times. And these times are quite individualistic and understanding your energy levels throughout the day may help you maximize your performance. Schedule your hard/difficult task during your peak moments and arrange your simplest of tasks when your energy levels are very low

3. Increase your spiritual/faith (imaan)

As Ramadhan is a month of submission, where worshiping Allah SWT is the most singular important thing, ensure nothing else distracts you from it. Avoid unnecessary activities that will not increase your spiritual development. Do remember that rewards are multi-fold (up to 70 times) and as such, spend most of your time reading the Qur’an, perform the Salah, learning and doing as many Sunnah as possible. And the best of times to engage in all these activities is during the night, even staying awake until Fajr. Effectively, do your Tahajjud (night prayers)! And while at that, make lots of du’a as this is the month where du’as are easily granted.

4. Delay (or even Delete) Tasks

Evaluate each task and decide if you could delay it for months outside Ramadhan or even remove it altogether. This is the month to change, start anew. Changes are much easier to make during this month of huge blessings. Take this opportunity to do that.

5. Enjoy this Ramadhan

After engaging the above steps, do enjoy your Ramadhan. Yes, it could be better where you could do certain things in a much better way but do not put too much concern into it. Do not ever feel that you have wasted your Ramadhan, ever. Put it in your minds that you did the best you could have and will try to improve in the next Ramadhan. InsyaAllah, it will happen.


May Allah SWT continually choose all of us for His Mercy, Grace and Blessings. Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.



Thoughts In Ramadhan

July 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

They perceived the truth, The righteous ones

They triumphed, Whilst my heart is blind

The night conceals their splendid beauty

Yet, their light exceeds that of the stars

The melody of remembrance made their living pure

Hearts emptied for remembrance

Tears are like pearls arranged

Their daybreak shines radiant upon them

Honored robes of clemency are the best allotment

Woe unto you my soul

Will you not awaken?

And benefit before my feet slip?

In trivial matters and whims has time elapsed

So grasp what remains of it and profit.


July 4, 2012 § 17 Comments

Dark and silent nights
On the mat of love I sit
Could we ever be lovers?

: Night air is chilling
Tears of regret come rolling
Unworthy of your kindness

: Stillness of the night
I stood still ever with hope
Your Mercy and Grace

: Streaks of warm dawn lights
Intimacy nears its end
Sadly I depart

Hopefully, our tender moments will continue, everlastingly. By Your Mercy, Grace and Blessings.

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

June 26, 2012 § 5 Comments

Today, she might not be a dedicated hijabi,
Perhaps tomorrow, and the following days , she could be the most sincere in covering her aurat

Today, his language is vulgar and profane
Perhaps tomorrow, and the following days, he could be the most soft-spoken and articulate man

Today, he might be the most disobedient (to Allah) man
Perhaps tomorrow, and the following days, he could be the one who consistently performs the night prayers (tahajjud), while we are sound asleep

We never know, and never will we ever know
It’s not our role to judge and condemn others
But to let them be aware of His Way, the Right Way
And to continually include them in our du’a (prayers)

Let’s not ridicule someone’s current state of affairs or his beginnings
For we could never guess his endings
Perhaps his is better than ours

Quizas, Quizas, Quizas

Don’t Be Hasty In Judging Someone

June 24, 2012 § 2 Comments

Judging someone, that is the favorite past-time of most people, myself included. Worst still, we are too quick to do that without taking due time and considerations, often enough making fools of ourselves. Perhaps the following incident could offer us some useful thoughts.

rear angle on the mausoleum of imam al-shafi'i

rear angle on the mausoleum of imam shafi’e (Photo credit: Jess Gambacurta)

Imam Ahmad used to mention the virtues of his great sheikh, Imam Shafi’e to his wife. He would mention to her the extensive and superb knowledge of Imam Shafi’e as well as his ‘Taqwa’ (piety).

One day, Imam Ahmad invited Imam Shafi’e to come to his home for a visit. When the time for dinner arrived,
Imam Shafi’e ate until he was full and went to the guest room for some sleep.

On seeing this, the startled wife of Imam Ahmad said to him: “O Ahmad, my beloved husband! Is this the same Shafi’e that you used to tell me so much about?

Imam Ahmad said: “Indeed he is!

And she said: “I noticed 3 things about him worthy of criticism! Firstly, when we served him the food, he ate plenty of it! Secondly, when he went into the guest room, he went to sleep without standing up to perform the Tahajjud (night prayer)! Lastly, when he prayed Solat ul Fajr with us, he did not perform the wudhu (ablution)!

So Imam Ahmad went to Imam Shafi’e to ask him about these matters his wife noticed. Imam Shafi’e gently explained to him, like a father would to his son :

O Ahmad! I ate plenty because I know for certain that your food is ‘Halal’ and indeed you are a generous man! And the food that comes from a generous man is a cure, while the food that comes from a stingy man is a disease! However, I didn’t eat plenty of food in order to achieve my fill; rather I ate plenty of your food in order to derive the cure from it!

As for the reason I didn’t stand up at night to perform the Tahajjud, when I laid my head down to get some sleep, I looked and all I could see was the Book of Allah (Qur’an) and the Sunnah of His Prophet SAW right in front of my face! So I deducted 72 fiqh-related benefits from them for the Muslims to benefit from. Hence, Thus there was no opportunity for me to stand and perform the Tahajjud!

As for the reason why I prayed Solat ul Fajr without performing ablution, by Allah! my eyes never tasted the sweetness of sleep in order for me to renew my wudhu. I was awake the whole night, so I prayed Solat ul Fajr with the same wudhu I had for Solat ul ‘Isha.

That is how the great Imam Shafi’e normally make full use his time, remembering Allah SWT and the Prophet SAW. And he was famously known to maintain his wudhu from ‘Isya to Fajr. Perhaps, the singularly most important I learned from this wonderful story is how quick are we to offer judgment of someone. Let’s not be hasty in that, eh?

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